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Latin: Ter.ra [ter-uh] noun. EarthVi.a [vee-uh] prep. Road(s)


Thank you for visiting the Terra Via Adventures website. The origins of our work stem from the growing need to help people in to the great outdoors safely! With the growing accessibility of our beautiful mountain areas, more and more people get themselves in to difficulty, often due to a lack of basic navigation skills or simply having the wrong equipment. Our hope is through guiding, teaching and equipment advice we can help more people achieve their aims comfortably and in a safe manner.


Being based in Edinburgh allows easy access across much of Scotland and northern England. However, if you feel you may be beyond our geographic limits but are still interested in our services, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our upmost to help.

About the Boss!

Hi all, my name is Rob. Originally a Geology graduate from The University of Liverpool and a qualified Mountain Leader, I love the British hills and helping others to experience a little bit of why they are so magical for so many people. Although I love hiking, climbing, mountain biking and, well...just about anything outdoors, I definitely believe you can have an adventure no matter whether you are an experienced mountaineer or a mere mortal wanting to go walking for the first time.


I hope with my work through Terra Via Adventures I can help people have fantastic experiences in the mountains, and maybe learn some new skills along the way for them to utilise in the future.


Our lives on this little spinning rock are far too short not to make the most it. 

"Experience Life...Don't just live it!"


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