Protecting Our Landscape

Terra Via Adventures prides itself on taking people to amazing locations around our beautiful green island, yet we are also very aware of just how fragile our countryside and mountain environment is to localised environmental damage and to larger scale changes in our climate systems.  From damage under foot to carbon dioxide emisions from transportation, it can be surprisingly easy to affect our World and the landscape we often take for granted.


Along with the potential for landscape erosion and damage from walking in the mountains, our business inevitably involves a large volume of driving and ferry transportation, both of which produce carbon dioxide and add to the global carbon footprint.  Therefore we have decided to support the John Muir Trust to help product our wild lands. With a similar philosophy to the natural World as ourselves, we felt supporting the Trust would help protect our stunning landscapes for future generations and keep the wild, wild!


How it works:


We set aside 1p from out profits for every mile we travel. We then periodally donate the money raised to the John Muir Trust.


Examples of our tours....


  • Ben Nevis Day Walk - Being based in Edinburgh, a round trip to Ben Nevis for Terra Via Adventures is approx. 300 miles, therefore, we will donate £3.00 to charity for the day.
  • National 3 Peaks Tour- This tour involves almost 1000 miles of travel, therefore, we will donte approx. £10 to charity for the 3 day event.


Through a single year we can generate several hundred pounds which will go towards protecting our beautiful landscape.

The John Muir Trust is a conservation charity dedicated to protecting wild places. They own and care for some of the UK's finest wild landscapes including Ben Nevis, Schiehallion, Sandwood Bay, Quinag in Assynt, part of the Cuillin on Skye and 3,000 acres on the remote Knoydart peninsula.

Founded in 1983, the Trust takes its name and inspiration from John Muir (1838-1914), the Scots-born founder of the modern conservation movement.

The Trust works hard to restore and protect habitats, bring back lost species and help nature flourish. They run litter picks, beach cleans, footpath maintenance along with a host of other key tasks that help our wild places.

The Trust also defends wild land when it comes under threat and campaigns for its long-term legal protection.

The Trust also educates people through our John Muir Award, an educational initiative that encourages everyone to connect with, enjoy and care for wild places.  Below is a video showing the work of the John Muir Award, along with giving insights in to the history of John Muir himself and his globally reaching ecological vision.


The Trust is a membership based organisation and relies upon the support of its members and supporters to continue looking after and maintaining some of the most beautiful areas in Briatin. If you are interested in supporting the John Muir Trust yourself please click the link below for more information.

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