Map Reading & Navigation

With the growing dominance of GPS devices and mobile phones, the skill of map reading is becoming a dieing art; Yet it is the most crucial of all skills when in the mountains. After all, your map doesn't have batteries!


We offer a range of navigation courses, from the basic understanding of maps and what they represent, through to on-the-hill navigation and detailed map interpretation.


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Basic Map Reading

This is our beginnner course, aimed at those who have little or no map experience.

Intro to Navigation

For those with a little map knowledge but would like to take the first steps in to mountain navigation.

Mountain Navigation

Time to take things further and put your navigation to use in the bigger mountains!

Night Navigation

Dont let a little darkness put you off. Take your navigation 24/7 with our night navigation course.

GPS Navigation

OK, so sometimes a GPS is a handy tool. This course looks at how you can incorporate GPS devices in to your walks.

Camping & Campcraft

Wild Camping

This course is designed to give you the skills and confidence to take your camping to the wild areas of our mountains on multi-day adventures.....Who needs a campsite! 

Campcraft & Hammocking

In this course we will go a little more old school, utilising hammocks as our shelters and classic stoves for our cooking. Sometimes, the old ways are the best, or at least the most fun!

Cycling and Mountain Biking

Essential Cycling Skills

Build road confidence; we take at a look at various aspects of road riding, from simple menoeuvers to busy traffic, complicated junctions and cycling best practices. 

Introduction to Mountain Biking

A guided day out designed to build the foundations of mountain bike confidence. Nothing too scary or technical; just get out there and enjoy the countryside on two wheels.

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