Basic Map Reading

If you feel that you don't know your grid references from your compass bearings, or your map scales from your boundary lines, this is the course for you.


This introductory course can be run in any location, and is often best somewhere relatively local to you, for example, in a local country park. We aim to give you a good grounding in the basics of map reading in a comfortable environment. This will then give you the base skills to move on to navigation in more challenging settings.


Topics discussed as part of this course:

  • What does a map actually represent (2D vs 3D),
  • Understanding of map scales,
  • Estimating distances from a map,
  • Orientating the map correctly,
  • Use of orientated map to identify features,
  • How to take a basic compass bearing,
  • Understaning of contours and land features,
  • Using basic grid references,
  • Knowledge of land use and possible access issues,


Although we aim to cover the list of topics above, these are completely customisable courses and we are happy to discuss your requirements and wishes and work around them. 


For this course we aim to provide custom maps (where possible) to aid your learning. We will bring these with us on the day. Clients are to supply a compass.


This course can run as a half or full days instruction:


Half Day - £50 for the first person, plus £20pp thereafter*, e.g:


1 Person = £50

2 People = £70

3 People = £90, etc...


Full Day - £100 for the first person, plus £30pp thereafter*, e.g:


1 Person = £100

2 People = £130

3 People = £1600, etc...


These courses normally run with up to 10 people.


The costs above cover courses withing 30 miles of Edinburgh. Please note a small additional cost may be required if the course is to be run further afield. Please inform us of where you are based during booking.


Included in the Cost:

  • Instruction by a qualified Mountain Leader,
  • Waterproof map of the teaching area for each attendee (where possible),
  • Group access to any photos taken during the day.


When - This course can run any time of year excluding periods of complete snow cover.


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If there are any other courses or walks you are interested in, please don't hesitate to Contact Us to discuss your requirements.


Payments are to be ideally made via Direct Brank Transfer or Paypal (N.b. There is a 3.5% surcharge for Paypal payments). 


* There is 10% non-refundable deposit included within the stated prices to cover costs incurred upon unforced cancellation. 


For full details please see Terms & Conditions.

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